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Anti-Drowning Systems

Introducing BlueFox ST1
Your Personal
Anti-Drowning System 


Patent: USA:  US 10,692,348 B2 und US 9,183,721 B2.  Worldwide patent applications.


No Installation Needed.

Makes sure you, your family,
and your guests are overwatched,

all the time. 

BlueFox ST1, the  revolutionary drowning prevention system, you can use whenever and wherever you want, without installation.

A  symbiosis of mechanical and electronic engineering from Switzerland (Swiss Made). BlueFox ST1 can save your life.


With a sleek design in four colours and a weight of 70 grams, BlueFox ST1 fits all sizes from toddlers to adults, providing maximum comfort and safety in the water.

The integrated lithium polymer batteries guarantee continuous monitoring for several weeks without recharging.

You can use BlueFox ST1 anywhere without installation.
Stay safe in your home pool, on vacation at the sea or lake and wherever you want to be in the water.

Jump into the water with BlueFox ST1 and be on the safe side.

We are the Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Bluefox products in Hong Kong.

Affordable. Customisable. Reliable.


Fully Customized.


The depth and time can be set individually by the user according to swimming skill, this is done with the help of the corresponding software, which can be downloaded for free via the USB cable.

Introducing BlueFox 
fety System



In this mode the system constantly monitors all swimmers wearing the WU2 bracelet.

The bracelet measures the depth and the swimming time, detecting if the person stays too long underwater: in this case it is clear that the swimmer is in difficulty and will emit an ultrasound signal that will be picked up by the sensors installed in the pool and trigger the alarm.


The alarm criteria can be set according to the user’s swimming ability.


With an amazing design and a weight of just 35 grams the WU2 fits from infants to the largest wrists for maximum safety in the water. 



Commercial Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Fully Autonomous Commercial Cleaning

Trusted by


Why Avidbots?

Neo_2.0 (1).1_45_Front_Left.png

The Real AI Cleaning Solution

Avidbots Neo 2™ is a ground-breaking commercial cleaning robot designed and built specifically for large facility cleaning. They are manufactured by Canadian company Avidbots Corp, one of the fastest-growing robotic solution companies in the world. Its robots have been widely deployed by the world’s leading facilities, including airports, warehouses, manufacturing sites, malls, universities and other commercial spaces worldwide.

We are the Exclusive Authorized Distributor of Avidbots products in Hong Kong and Macau.

In Hong Kong, our cleaning robots are now cleaning the Hong Kong International Airport, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Pacific Place, Taikoo Place, and many more! 

What makes Avidbots so different from other cleaning robots in the market?

Cleans, Scrubs & Tracks,
just way better

Rugged and robust construction features include heavy-duty plastic cleaning solutions and recovery tanks. Industry-strength batteries allow operation for up to 6 hours without a recharge. Neo is a robot designed with expansion accessories in mind, providing more uses beyond floor cleaning.

Industry-Leading Safety 

With the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo is able to adapt to changes in the environment, leading the industry with real-time obstacle avoidance! The state-of-the-art technology combined with multiple e-stop buttons and bumpers, as well as vibrant lights and the Blue Light, makes Neo the best in keeping the operational environment safe.

Best customer support

Avidbots Customer Success Program and Service Plan focus on your uptime and utilization to ensure you are meeting your cleaning goals. With advanced diagnostics, Neo is able to detect when any problems arise, streamlining troubleshooting and minimizing costly downtime.

Trusted By
Happy Customers

In Hong Kong, our cleaning robots are now cleaning the Hong Kong International Airport, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Pacific Place, Taikoo Place, and many more! 

Robot in Action

Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning

Mariner 3S
Fully Automated Robots That Cleans Your Pool,
Way Better


Mariner 3S cleaners are high-tech professional cleaning robots for indoor, outdoor and natural swimming pools. They are manufactured by Swiss company Mariner 3S AG, one of the first companies to supply automatic pool cleaner back in 1970.

We are the Exclusive Authorized Distributor of the Mariner 3S products in Hong Kong and Macau.

Our cleaning robots are used in the Hong Kong Government House (The residence of the Hong Kong Chief Executive), Hong Kong public swimming pools, hotels, private clubhouses, schools and universities.

Why Mariner 3S?

Mariner 3S robots are simply better. The Mariner 3S cleaning system guarantees the cleanliness of your pool: the units make no compromises when removing hair, sand, plasters, coins and even bacterial contamination.

Invest in a Mariner 3S robot to improve your water quality using less chemicals. 

Effortless Cleaning,
Incredible Performance

Fully automatic, quick, whole-area cleaning. It can be programmed to clean your pool overnight. With separated controlled motors, the robot can move with excellent precision to cover all corners of the pool. Its powerful vaccum pump capacity reaches up to 1,200 litres per minute, and it can remove all kinds of debris with filters of up to 6 square meter. 

Safe, Reliable, Durable

Swiss Quality

Operation in safe extra-low voltage < 30V DC, with automatic final switching off. CE Risk Assessed. 
The use of stainless steel and high quality plastics - robots can be used in thermal waters and salt waters. Brushless maintenance-free motors and replaceable individual parts gives it an extremely long service life.

Trusted By
Happy Customers

Our cleaning robots are used in the Hong Kong Government House (The residence of the Hong Kong Chief Executive), Hong Kong public swimming pools, hotels, private clubhouses, schools and universities.

View in Action

Our services - Mariner 3S

Service & Repair

Service & Repair

To maximise the service life of your robot, we offer monthly inspection packages. We maintain a large quantity of spare parts for immediately servicing. A team of professionally trained technicians are in place for commissioning and maintenance.

In-house Training & Implementation

In-house Training & Implementation

With the purchase of a mariner 3S pool cleaner, you and your personnel will be provided with sufficient trainings for the safe use, inspection and maintenance of the cleaner. This helps you to reduce unnecessary costs due to improper handling and neglected maintenance of your cleaner.

Robot Rental

Robot Rental

We offer cleaning robot rental services to ensure your swimming pool cleaning experiene is as hassle-free as possible. Most often this will save you both time and money and likely relieve a great deal of stress too. Book now, and we will take care of the rest.

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Equipment

The Hydraulic Equipment Line

Enerpac offers the most comprehensive family of high-force products, distributed globally yet supported locally, to let your work to be more productive, safer and easier to perform. Its complete line of products provides innovative and effective solutions in virtually all industrial applications. 

We are the Authorized Distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. We've combined decades of experience in hydraulic technology application with other force-generation technologies to create a wide range of tools & accessories.

Heavy Lifting Technology

Heavy Lifting

For more than 60 years, Enerpac has combined high pressure hydraulics and controls to deliver intelligent and innovative solutions that maintain the highest level of quality, reliability and safety.

Heavy Lifting Systems

High Pressure Cleaning

Cleaning Equipment

Leading Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer

Kärcher, a Germany family-owned manufacturer, is the leading provider of cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, households, trade and industry worldwide.

It sets the standards in technology, service and design aimed at providing maximum benefit to customers and meeting  customers' needs. 

We specialise the application of Kärcher products in public facility cleaning (such as swimming pools, streets) and in industrial and construction contexts.


Featured Kärcher Ranges

High Pressure Cleaners

High Pressure Cleaners

For fast and thorough cleaning. Light and powerful: these compact, all-round cleaning machines clean courtyards and workshops in next to no time. They excel with pressure, flow rate and working time.

Ultra-high Pressure Cleaners

Ultra-high Pressure Cleaners

Uses up to 1000 bar of pressure to remove even the most stubborn dirt. The robust cage design provides all-round protection and enables safe crane loading. With sack-trolley principle for easy transportation.

Our Story

Our Story

We used to travel around Asia and sell construction and industrial machineries, for a living.

We interacted with contractors and suppliers in the production industries. And, then, one day, we realised that many customers often don't know where to find the right equipment.

Because of that, we began helping customers in their search for the right tools and equipment. In the course of this, we travelled to different parts of the world to know more about what it takes to be life-changing innovations. 

Until finally, we earned the trust of many leading manufacturers with their products and set to provide customers practical and innovative solutions and excellent post sales services. 

Ir. Robert Ng

Managing & Technical Director

Our Values

Our Values

Practical Solutions

We provide no non-sense solutions to your problems.

Cost Efficiency

 We make sure you are investing in the right tools and equipment.

Long-Term Relationship

We treat all our customers as business partners. 

Our People

Meet the Team

Robert Ng.png

Ir Robert Ng

Managing & Technical Director

RPE, MHKIE, MCIArb, BSc (Hons), MBA, MConstEng

Registered professional engineer (Civil Engineering) with more than 40 years of experience in supplying and advising clients of different countries on industrial cleaning, heavy lifting, safety and transportation solutions.

Kevin Kong.png

Mr Kevin Kong

Senior Account Manager


Kevin has been with the company since its establishment. He specialises in the supply of robotics machineries, hydraulic equipment and heavy lifting equipment, and has almost 30 years of experience in the industry. 

He speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin Chinese.

office light

Ms. Timmy

Sales Assistant

Timmy joined the company in 2023, and has almost 20 years of experience in handling transactions and shipping arrangements.

She speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin Chinese.

office light


Senior Technical Consultant

Hung brings extensive practical expertise in mechanical systems and equipment maintenance to his role at our company. With a background as an seasoned mechanics, he has demonstrated his proficiency in the repair and maintenance of complex machinery.


Hung's hands-on experience in after-purchase repair and maintenance services, combined with his background in heavy lifting systems and robotic cleaning solutions, uniquely positions him to efficiently manage and demonstrate these products.

office light


Senior Technical Consultant

Hung's role in our company is enriched by his vast practical knowledge of mechanical systems and equipment maintenance.


His experience as a seasoned mechanic attests to his proficiency in repairing and maintaining intricate machinery.


Additionally, his hands-on experience in after-purchase repair and maintenance services, as well as his background in heavy lifting systems and robotic cleaning solutions, uniquely qualify him to adeptly manage and showcase these products.  


Wang Fat

Technical consultant

Wang Fat is responsible for conducting after-purchase repair and maintenance services and demonstration projects for products such as our hydraulic equipment, heavy lifting systems, and robotic cleaning solutions.


Prior to joining us, he worked as an aircraft mechanic for Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO). 

He speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Contact Us


(852) 2635 4888

Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

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Mr. Kevin Ng


Solicitor, LLB, LLM, MSc(StructEng)(Pending), PASMA Instructor, CP, SS

Kevin oversees the operations, compliance and business development aspects of the Team.


He joined the Team in 2019. Before joining the Team, he was a practising solicitor working in commercial, civil and criminal litigation practices. Having grown up in Hong Kong, he earned his bachelor’s and master’s law degrees at the University of Portsmouth (UK) and Durham University (UK) respectively and completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) at the University of Hong Kong (HK).  


He is a certified PASMA Instructor for the safe use of Scaffold Mobile Tower and is currently studying for a structural engineering master's degree.

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Our Location

Unit D5, 23/F, TML Tower, No. 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

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