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The perfect solution for pools up to 25 m in length - please contact our sales for details

The mariner 3S clubliner integrates the technological innovations and know-how derived from years of work in the most compact form. High-quality materials, intelligent driving system and an unique filter system don‘t just guarantee a long service life: They make the mariner 3S clubliner unbeatable in cost efficiency. Developed for pools up to 25 meters long, it cleans all pool floors as well as paddling pools to a water depth as little as 20 cm with unmatched thoroughness. And the mariner 3S clubliner also deals with your pool‘s walls!

clubliner? clubliner plus? What is the difference?

The difference is in the plus of a sensor: the Basic Sensor. This allows the clubliner plus to pass parallel to the path and to detect obstacles. The clubliner plus is capable of travel patterns H, N and X. Travel pattern H is patented and world's fastest comprehensive cleaning program. The clubliner lacks this sensor and, therefore, is capable of travel pattern X only.


The clubliner plus is fitted with a basic sensor. This allows the pool robot to clean pools fully automatically and systematically, lane by lane. The machine recognizes all obstacles and bypasses them safely so that the accompanying cable does not become entangled. The clubliner, for example, cleans a pool of 10 x 25 m in 100 minutes.

More information about mariner 3S automatic cleaning programmes and its possibilities you find here.

Cleaning performance

The negative pressure of over 5 kg created by the hydraulics and the machine design, and the frictional effect of the sucked up water ensures thorough cleaning in pools from 20 cm depth of water. Due to its compact design, the machine travels along the side edges and in corners so that there, too, the debris is sucked up and conveyed to the filter box.


Sophisticated hydraulics guarantee effective cleaning performance over the complete width of the machine. The dirty water is first fed through the filter and then through the pumps. Thus the pump is protected against blockage and damage. Thanks to the fow-optimization no debris is stirred up which could escape from the cleaning.

Filter capacity

2 lamella filters guarantee a large filter surface. The spacious filter box can be removed conveniently from the top of the robot and be carried without loss of contents to where the cleaning takes place. There the filters can be quickly and easily cleaned.


The clubliner with its light transport trolley is handy and easily manoeuverable on ground. The device itself with its 16 kg of weight is a light-weight appliance. The robot can be driven into the pool with running drive. Due to its small weight which decreases even more in water, it can simply be pulled up to the water surface by the cable after completion of cleaning. It drives then out of the water almost by itself by means of the radio remote control.

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